Professional home staging and painting before sell!

Color on the Wall:
A neutral color palette isn’t always a must. First we need to take furnishings, art and finishes into consideration. Key spaces are looked at first. It’s very possible that only the bathrooms and kitchen might require a fresh coat of paint.

The selected colors will need to highlight selling features and establish flow with the rest of the home. This is why a neutral color palette ends up being requested by many stagers. The goal is simple. Unify all the spaces, and paint is an easy way to accomplish this task.

Highlighting a home’s features, architecture and style:
Buyers are looking to be wowed. Consider paint your friend! Fireplaces, bookshelves, countertops and crown molding will stand out when highlighted, drawing buyers into the space. Showcasing these features with art, props and furnishing will only accentuate them even more.

Revive dated cabinets:
Dated kitchen cabinets can be a big turnoff to potential buyers, but it’s a big expense and time consuming to have them replaced. Once again, paint to the rescue! A professional paint job will have them looking cared for and well maintained. It might not be the dream kitchen a buyer was hoping for, but it will satisfy them to know they can make it work until they make it their own.

Return on Investment:
Studies show that applying fresh paint prior to selling a property has a very high return on investment. For example; the average cost of replacing a front door is $1180. Provided the door is in good condition, a fresh coat of paint can make it look brand new. As a result, the home seller will receive the same 100.5% ROI, as if they’d replaced it, not to mention avoiding the added hassle and cost. So there you have it, and that is only one example of the power of paint! What color you ask? Give us a call!

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